Tips For a Stress Free Wedding Day

Tips For a Stress Free Wedding Day
Planning for a wedding day, can be an overwhelming experience for many, as I can vividly remember the events leading up to our big day, approximately three and half years ago. Our aim at the time was to enjoy the experience from planning to the actual day itself (It was one the best days of our lives).
On the actual day itself, both Allison and myself were very calm, but anxious. Allison, who stayed at one of the local Hotels, only had breakfast “Doubles” (Local delicacy) to eat, while doing her essential stuff, like going to the hairdresser etc, while I just chilled at home with my family, getting this surreal pre-wedding feeling. We both did not have to worry too much, because of the amount of work we had put in before, and the support we had from family had friends
Being in the industry for well over ten years (Wedding and Events), we have picked up on some key points that we would like to share, which we believe would assist you in having a Stress Free Wedding day.
You deserve it.

TIP # 1           LOCATION

Choosing a location is the first stop in your planning process, and can be the hardest part of this phase of your journey. The traditional and the most popular approach is having the Ceremony at your place of Worship and the Reception at a popular Wedding venue.
You may want to consider having those two locations less than 30 minutes apart, as time can be so critical on the day.
Many Couples have also adopted the approach of having both the Ceremony and Reception at one location, which makes it much more convenient for both you and your Guest.
Your backyard is also an alternative if you have the space. You would be amazed at what some event decorators can do!

TIP # 2.         Lights Camera Action

Lighting, yes Lighting is a valuable resource on your big day, and it is one of the most underrated element when Couples are putting their day together in the planning phase.
Natural/Artificial light  is important to photography as pen is to paper. Bad Lighting = Poor Quality Photos.
During the “Getting Ready” moments is when your Wedding Day story starts, and it is when you are the most relaxed, and the sharpest you can ever be on the day.
A room with a large amount of natural light coming in, or a Photographer with the right amount of artificial lights with light coloured walls for reflective light is therefore the most ideal environment for those memorable moments.
For the rest of the day, it is recommended that the Wedding Party (Bridesmaids and Groomsmen etc) and Family formal photos and your Portrait pictures, to be taken with natural light, especially during the early evening period where it brings out your natural tones. If that is not possible, your photographer should have the appropriate amount/type of artificial lights, to cover those low light periods, so that even in those situations your natural beauty is reflected in your pictures.
Working with your Photographer at the onset when planning for your day, helps both parties to be prepared for every moment, that would ensure they capture those amazing and authentic photos of your day.

TIP # 3            Your Story

Telling your story with amazing pictures, is what most Couples would like to see when they open their Album for the first time.
The pictures must represent you, whether it is having a Coconut Water around the Savannah, as that location maybe the first-time you guys met, or Pictures taken with your Great Grandmother, wherever she maybe.
We encourage Couple to think Why they want a photograph as opposed to Where the location is. The opportunity present itself for you to set the stage for your story to be perfectly captured.




I believe most of us do not think we live in a perfect world, so we always leave room for imperfection, although it is not something, we look forward too.
So sometimes, plans for your Wedding Day do not come out exactly as you envisioned it. The Cake is not big as we thought it would be, a Bridesmaid is late or the transport did not turn up on time.
Take a deep breath and just remember it is your Wedding Day, and you are getting Married. You are the King and Queen for the day, and all that can go wrong may appear large at the time, but insignificant the next day, when you would be Mr & Mrs……
Be prepared from the moment you open your eyes (the assumption is that you had good night sleep) to enjoy every moment of the day.


We hope that the above tips was useful, as it represents some of what we have learnt over the last several years in the industry.
Cocoa Media Photography believes in the Union of Marriage as we continue to work very hard to ensure that your Stories are told  in pictures that are creative, dynamic and of great quality and which would remain for generations to come.
If you would like to chat more about your Wedding day, or discuss possible locations for Engagement photoshoots, feel free to give us a call.

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