Shane and Sharlene

Shane and Sharlene
Sharlene and Shane’s wedding was a two day event, with the Ceremony (Hindu) on the first day and the reception on the second. They were very organized in planning for their lifetime moment, and as photographers, we did enjoy working with them.

Can you describe the morning of your Wedding, and how it assisted you for the rest of the day?

 I was actually very relaxed and unflustered the morning of my wedding. Unlike Shane, I was not feeling nervous or anxious at all. The most hectic part of my wedding day (ceremony day) was getting dressed and trying to be on time. Once at the venue, I maintained my calmness and was so happy that the day was finally here!

How was the Ceremony?

Our wedding ceremony wast as beautiful as I thought it would be. It was definitely an emotional day. We had actually decided that we would not see each other for a week leading up to the wedding, We somehow managed to stick to our word. This added to the magic of the day. The beautiful thing about this was that the first time we would be seeing each other again, we’d be married. It’d would be me walking down the aisle to him to become his wife, and him my husband!

How was your reception venue?

Our reception venue was amazing! It more than enough space, it was perfect for our reception. We decided that we would do our own decorating. I must admit was so much hard work and time! Still, we were able to re-create the look that we wanted!

What was the most memorable moment at the reception and why? Any Funny Moment?

I don’t have one memorable moment, I absolutely loved all the events of our reception ceremony! Our wedding actually brought about the opportunity for a family reunion. Members of our families (both Shane & I) who we have not seen for years were able to attend. We reunited with them and others which was heartwarming for us. The funniest part of our reception was the “Mr & Mrs” game. That was a lot of fun for our guests and us! Another funny moment, was when my mother-in-law decided to announce that her son does not like bread but loves roti much to the amusement of my 400 guests!

What made you chose the Wedding Dress you wore, and how did it feel on the day?

My mom accompanied me to shop for dresses. I actually knew that I wanted to wear a mermaid style gown. I decided that I would still try different silhouettes to see which suited my figure best. After trying an A-line style, a ball gown style, and a mermaid style dress, I realised that my initial option was the right choice for me. That was how I envisioned my dress to be. Actually wearing it for my reception ceremony made me feel beyond beautiful. I loved how my look came together. Especially, with my stunning makeup and hairstyle, and not forgetting my cathedral length veil!

Tip for Planning a Wedding

I would definitely tell you to definitely have a coordinator if possible. With my experience, weddings are more than likely to not always go as planned. Knowing that you have someone who can take control of an unfortunate situation is a life saver. It would’ve definitely made things run a little smoother. Another great tip would be to make a budget and stick to it as much as possible!
There were a couple of minor details or services with which I was not pleased with. Beside that, these issues were minuscule in comparison to the happiness and significance of our special day

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