Ousha and Andre

Ousha and Andre

Andre and Ousha wedding story began at Trincity Mall, with a well coordinated and memorable proposal by Andre, which was a romantic highlight for the country for many weeks after. The Wedding Ceremony went back to the location of the proposal (Trincity Mall) which had some surprises and excitement as well. The Reception as awesome experience for all involved, at Angostura House.

This God fearing Couple have a tremendous love for each other and they know how to have a great time.

Ousha shares some of her experiences and also provide some tips for The-Bride-To-Be

Can you describe the morning of your Wedding, and how it assisted you for the rest of the day?

The last thing I did before I slept was the same thing I did as I woke up, PRAY!

Prayer led me to my miracle of healing before I made the trek down the aisle.

The day before my wedding I was a total mess, I kid you not! I caught the flu, watery & itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing relentlessly but thank God for one of my beautiful bridesmaid, a nurse & now cousin-in-law, brought me meds the night before, I took them, prayed for a miracle & went to bed at 2am. Woke up at 5am, feeling awesome!

Prayer works & it’s also the reason I remained calm while two of my bridesmaid were an hour & a half late.

2.   How was the Ceremony?

The ceremony at Trincity Mall was definitely an event I would never forget. Family, friends, mall supporters & the general public all present to be a part of this Epic Wedding. One of my most memorable moments was seeing my groom standing at the altar waiting for me & as I turned the corner in his direction, he blew kisses my way, my heart was filled…

3.   What made you chose the Wedding Dress you wore, and how did it feel on the day?

I choose my wedding dress from Curvy Couture Bridal Boutique, a lovely beaded lace applique off shoulder half sleeve, mermaid corset fit & flare bridal gown. I fell in love with it when I saw the “corset back” & the minimalistic train & I was totally comfortable in it.

How was the Reception

The House of Angostura was a sight to behold, my decorator exceeded my expectations, the natural aesthetics of the place made everything run smoothly. My most memorable moment here would have been the dance performance by my husband, his brother & brother in the Lord, I laughed, screamed & clapped in delight at their amazing dance piece.

What tips can you give to others preparing for their big day?

My number one tip when planning your wedding is to take vitamins daily.

Rest! Get lots of rest, you don’t want to be a sleep deprived zombie on your big day.

Eat health. In the lead up to the big day, you want to be feeling at your best.

Assign duties to your bridesmaids, assess them & know who can perform designated tasks.

Shoe prep! Choose your shoes wisely & when you do purchase them, walk in them for a bit and get comfortable with them, you are going to spend quite a few hours in them.

Build a raport with your photographers, get to know each other. This allows you to be comfortable with them when they are behind the camera & also take their advice because they know what they’re doing. At least mine did!

Be mindful, while you are both planning your big day & you’re eager to talk to each other all the time to finalise plans. One thing that I practiced was asking my then fiancbeforehand if we can talk “wedding stuff”’ now or later? Remember that guys are different from us, we ladies tend to want to get it all done now or asap but the guys may tend to get a bit exhausted, so give them some “down time,” trust me, they’ll appreciate it & their attention would be awesome after.

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